Mission / Vision

Why Does Pine Ridge Exist and What Do We Hope To Accomplish

Our mission is to share and model the message of Jesus in a safe, innovative, and relational setting. We believe that God’s Word, the Bible, is absolutely true and provides the world with a message of hope for eternity. The Bible says that God sent his son, Jesus, as a gift of hope to a world that is lost in sin and evil. Through belief in Jesus death and resurrection, every person can have a personal and real relationship with the Creator of the world. In this, believers are able to live a new life filled with hope, love, and new purpose.

From the Camp Director to our Cabin Leaders to our volunteers, the Pine Ridge team is dedicated to sharing this message of hope and love. We share the message directly from God’s Word, and we also model it in how we live our lives in obedience to Christ Jesus. Living in a temporary community, our team and all of our campers and guests have the opportunity to truly impact each other through living that is intentional for drawing us into right and loving relationship with God and others.

To be successful, Pine Ridge recognizes the need to cultivate an environment and culture that makes safety a top priority. Pine Ridge provides training for our team that is centered around best practices for physical and emotional safety. We also carefully screen and hire all of our team members.

We also know that innovation and creativity breeds fun and fulfillment in life. Our team desires to take all of our resources and use them to And provide creative and crazy fun and learning experiences for our guests and campers.

Pine Ridge also recognizes that God created us in relationship to Him and others. While at Pine Ridge, you will deepen relationships with old and new friends. Opportunities abound while walking around our 100 acres, eating a meal together, playing hard while zipping down a hill or around a lake, and worshiping Christ Jesus together.

Our vision is to provide this type of place for children, youth, and special needs campers from all around Michigan and even to the other side of the world.

Core Values
What is important to Pine Ridge?

Building Lives on God’s Word

We passionately live out and teach that the Bible is our authority in life.

Working with Creativity & Excellence

In every area of Camp, including our programs, facilities, communications, and work, we desire to honor Jesus by doing our best.

Walking with Integrity

We will be an example to our campers, parents, donors, volunteers, and community in upright living.

Loving Kids

We will love every child as if they were our own. Anyone that comes to Pine Ridge is welcome to be part of our family.

Checking for Safety

Camp will provide safety in relationships and physical activity so that God’s love can move without hindrance.

Having A Blast

Camp will be a place for campers and guests to play and have fun in God’s creation.